Counselling: A Collaborative and Creative Process

“Courage is not the absence of despair; it is, rather, the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair.”

Rollo May

Why do I need counselling?

Experience has shown me that we all come across times in our lives where things feel out of control, or we feel particularly low, that life has become a burden, and we are finding it increasingly hard to make sense of things. Be it in the form of anxiety, depression, bereavement, addiction, relationship issues, or other feelings, emotions, or circumstances. Perhaps we are even asking ourselves philosophical questions such as: Who am I? How has it come to this? Why do I keep making the same mistakes? How do I make sense of my place in this world?

Counselling provides a non-judgemental, caring and confidential environment, where feelings that upset us, or have been deeply buried over the course of our lives, can be given the space and necessary time to find a voice. Not only can they be spoken, but they can be heard; light can be shed onto the darkness. Through this unique relationship, insights can come to us, patterns of behaviour can be brought into focus, and through a tentative  and searching exploration of ourselves, we can start to feel less-burdened, and ultimately, more alive.

How do you work as a counsellor?

I find that my work as a counsellor combines a number of different elements. Firstly, I aim to provide an open and supportive environment, tuning into your experiencing of the world around you and being honest and clear about how I experience you as an individual. I work very much in the here-and-now, your day to day experiences, both inside and out of the room. And from that place, with a foot in the present, we can start to look into the past, primarily on how it informs you in your day to day life.

I also believe wholly in our ability to make choices in any given situation; often people feel they have become disempowered and unable to make choices of their own, and so my work with you may also involve exploring the idea of choice in your life. The therapeutic relationship itself will provide us both with insight into how you experience yourself in relation to others outside of the counselling room, and working with that, in a safe space where anything can be voiced, will enable personal growth both inside and outside the room, and ultimately, within yourself.